We are a team of professionals with years of experience in the stroke field. Whether you are looking to register for one of our upcoming seminars or need help in the aftermath of a stroke - we are here to help.

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In this short video, we help a stroke survivor with her housing situation.

What are people saying?

Real words from stroke survivors and seminar attendees.
  • After my stroke I had a lot of confusion and stress. Tiffanie was able to help me every step of the way and fix my housing situation.
  • We have been attending most of the support group meetings for over three years now. My husband, my caregiver Roger, and I have developed a friendship with the kind and caring staff and my fellow survivors and caregivers. We share and discuss our trials, hardships, and progress with each other. The lectures by the speakers are so informative, and the Director Debbie is so warm and always encouraging. Attending the meeting gives me a better outlook and now I don’t concentrate on my stroke!
  • While being a past stroke survivor has its challenges, the RTH Stroke group has made it easier by their compassion and helping to provide the necessary tools to adjust to this life changing event. Being together twice a month and sharing experiences is fantastic, along with the positivity and encouragement from my peers and leaders.
  • Here is my testimony ~ a story of what happened to me and how my life is now. One year and one month ago (December 15, 2012) I suffered a TBI and several strokes (at least 3). My life is forever changed. I feel I have a great opportunity for a “re-do,” or a new start. Things are different. Some are better, some are not. I know I don’t have to have all the answers today. I am progressing slowly. Life is good, and getting better is so important. To this day I can’t say why this happened, but feel very blessed that I have a “re-start.”
  • This is such a wonderful service to the community – I am very grateful!
  • Thank you for providing this workshop. All of the information was very informative.
  • One of the most informative seminars I’ve attended! Thank You Dr. Chui!
  • I really enjoyed the information that was presented at this training. I will share this information with others. Each One, Teach One!
  • Dr. Helena Chui was so informative. She spoke clearly so people could understand.
  • Thank you Deborah Massaglia, for all you do! The presentation by Dr. Chui was excellent. My husband, was diagnosed with West Nile Virus Encephalitis in July 2008, and now he has Dementia which is severe. I appreciate all of the Alzheimer’s presentation! Thank You!
  • Two friends at work had strokes just a week apart, and I wondered if I would be next,” he said. “So I took Wednesday morning off to attend the Stroke Prevention Seminar so that I could find out more about my risks for stroke.
  • I was so pleased, thankful, and happy I came. I really liked the doctor and the staff! Thank you Dr. Ganguly! Everyone was so helpful, friendly, and very kind. They all were very knowledgeable about everything. I will make sure I do not miss a meeting. I thank you all for your concerns!
  • Dr. Sanossian’s lecture was straight and to the point. This lecture was an eye opening experience and has caused me to take action today! Thank you to all involved and for bringing this to our community.
  • One of the best, if not the best, presentations I’ve heard!