Our Stroke Symposium – A Great Event

On Wednesday, 10/25/17 at the Rio Hondo Event Center – Hope After Stroke Foundation hosted a Symposium and Wellness Fair that featured prominent neurologists Dr. Burgos, Dr. Yu, Dr. Lombardi, Dr. Raychev, and Dr. Vasile. All of the doctors spoke for a short period regarding stroke and their findings and followed up with a round of questions from the audience. After the presentation, hundreds of attendees were screened for high blood pressure and other stroke-inducing ailments through blood pressure checks, carotid artery examinations, cholesterol checkups, and more.

We thank the doctors for their fantastic presentations and the many attendees that came out to witness the event. Another major thank you to our many sponsors who supported this event and made it possible. See pictures of the event below.


Hope After Stroke Foundation

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