About Us

Our Mission

The purpose of this organization is to provide educational, therapeutic resources and support to stroke survivors and their families.  We realize the many challenges and unanswered questions you might be left to deal with after a stroke, as well as a long journey towards recovery.


We will provide,

  • Resources to assist you with your care
  • Help you deal with the physical and emotional issues, as well as day-to-day tips for starting recovery at home.
  • Support groups,
  • Individual caregiver and family support
  • We will help you begin the process of living life after the devastation of a stroke.


More than 7 million people in the United States have survived a stroke. You have needs, you have questions, and we have answers.  We will strive to help improve your quality of life and achieve your personal best.  Helping and supporting stroke survivors, along with their family, friends, and caregivers are the goals of the Hope After Stroke Foundation, where your recovery after a stroke is our main goal.