Why Donate?

Why Donate?

When you donate to the Hope After Stroke Foundation – you donate to a worthy cause that helps stroke survivors in our area as well as worldwide. See Lourdes’ story below and learn how we helped her through our Stroke Survivor Recovery Program which is funded from donor’s like you. Continue reading below to learn how we put donations to use, and if you feel like donating today, we’ve included a link to our Paypal account below which you can follow to make a donation. We thank you for your help in the fight against stroke.

There has never been a more critical time than now to donate. In the United States alone, stroke is the fifth leading cause of death and the leading cause of disability. However, unlike other diseases stroke is 80% preventable – which means that out of all the people we screen on any given day, if a hundred of them were directly at risk of stroke, 80 of them would likely never suffer the stroke if they made the appropriate lifestyle changes afterward. Any generous donation on your part directly contributes to the fight against stroke and helps to reduce its impact on our society at large, since stroke is so easily preventable through awareness and lifestyle changes. Please donate today and help us remove stroke from the list of top killers in the United States and across the world. Please see the statistics below to learn how we put donations to good use, or email deborahm@rthfoundation.org today to learn more about how your donations can help.

-By the 4th quarter of 2015, the donations we received allowed us to give free life-saving screenings to over 3,605 people, some of which may have been in immediate danger of stroke.

-The donations we receive fund our Foundation programs, allowing us to help stroke survivors through the Stroke Survivor Recovery Program.

-Your donations allow us to run our website which receives over 20,000 visitors monthly from across the world who learn about stroke through our education pages and call for support.

-Your donations also allow us to run our bi-weekly stroke support groups from several locations.

-Consult your Tax Accountant to learn about what types of write-offs you may be eligible for after donating.

Thank You for your support,

-Hope After Stroke Foundation